Monday, March 16, 2009

10 Things

1. I found my soul mate.

2. I have six kids. They all have tails.

3. I am in the second week of a three week vacation. I have never had three weeks off of work since I started working. I like it!

4. I can sit in the garden for hours and watch the birds, butterflies and bugs do their thing. No, I don't get bored.

5. After living by the ocean my entire life (California coast and two islands - Guam and Oahu) I moved to the desert 15 years ago. I miss the smell of salt water.

6. I could eat Thai food every day.

7. I practice being in the moment a lot. It is challenging for me most times because I like to plan for tomorrow or re-evaluate yesterday.

8. I am going to turn in the cable box this week because I want to watch less tv and make more art.

9. I have a tattoo. I want to get more.

10. I have a huge book addiction. I am in recovery.